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What's New?

I'm busy hurting my brain again by simultaneously teaching myself jQuery, CSS, ASP.NET MVC3 and a smattering of domain driven design and the repository pattern.

I'm also building this web site again, this time without the use of Silverlight. Silverlight seems to be destined to go the way of the dinosaurs and be replaced by HTML 5.

Music I'm Listening To

Big Bill Morgenfield is the son of Muddy Waters and a fine blues artist in his own right. I first heard him doing "Strong Man Holler" with Taj Mahal on KOQX Blues Radio. Taj Mahal wrote this song and contributed it to Big Bill's album "Ramblin' Mind". You can hear Taj Mahal sing this song here. (Haven't found Bill's version on the web yet...)

Also listening to Puddle of Mudd,a band that is best played loud. These guys are angry and most of their songs reflect that fact. They are also pretty crude, so their CDs are PG13. I'm especially fond of their album "Famous". Check out "Psycho" off that album.

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